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Customer FAQ’s

How do I get involved?

You must have someone who is already a member to refer you to our platform.

We have different level of registration packages you can register with package of your choice

One must register or upgrade to Diamond before such can start to receive executive leadership bonuses.

What is Point Value?

What are the payment methods available?

For registration you can pay through your debit card or pay through your upline wallet.

You can fund your wallet through direct cash payment in any Bank, transfer from your bank and your ATM card

What is the benefit of signing up on this platform?

You become a distributor of all telecoms in Nigeria.

You top up your Mobile phone, Cable TV and data subscriptions at a discount.

You continue to make certain percentage of your downlines transactions

You stand to benefit greatly with “TOP-UP and GET REWARD” when you invest on our platform. Our benefits are the best in the industry so far.

How do I cash my earnings?

You transfer from your wallet to bank account.

Is the company registered ?

Top Up and Get Reward Ltd is duly registered with appropriate authorities in Nigeria (CAC, FIRS and NCC)

How many people can i register under me ?

You can register as many as possible under you. The more direct referral you have the more Money you make.